The Raatejutaus I

The Raatejutaus I


When my friend informed me that there are still some places for the upcoming motorcycle trip/gathering, the Raatejutaus I, I was still hesitating. From the previous trips, which he has organised I learnt that there will be many participants and a tight schedule to visit and see places. Namely war historical sites and monuments.

I was thinking my interests to war history overall and noticed that there might be some good opportunity to learn our history and what my ancestors did during the Winter War and Continuation War at 1939 to 1944.

So after a few days of thinking, I signed up for a trip. I started my trip to gathering by putting together my stuff. It was only one or two nights trip, so nothing fancy things were needed. And there was also accommodation reserved, so no sleeping mat or tent was needed.

Our accommodation ”Raatteen Guest House Karelia”. Former Finnish Frontier Guard Post.
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