About planning the trip

About planning the trip


It’s always the same. I am planning the trip well before. I have thoughts about the filming, doing the drone shooting, b-roll shots, landscapes and general views what I see. And when the time comes, I am on the trip and I notice I haven’t taken the drone out of its box, there’s plenty of left in the memory cards and backup disk.

Am I enjoying the trip to its fullest? Am I living the trip minute to minute only riding through the scenery? And not thinking to make a blog or a vlog. Or finishing the travel story next winter when there is plenty of time to sit over the computer. Composing a video from clips and sound recordings.

Well, it’s time to think ahead. When I was setting up this blog, I was thinking about the very basic question: to whom am I making this? First I decided that this memory lane goes to myself when I am old and can’t go on trips like this. When I am retired and have time to watch where I have been. Then I thought I need to make something to completely strange people. Those who might subscribe to my Youtube channel and give some feedback. In Finnish or in English (those are the two languages I can survive well)? Decisions decisions.

I have watched a ton of vlogs and read a bookful of blogs and I have an idea who to make such. Some of my friends create content quite regularly from their trips and have moderate busy channels. Some have established their unique style and it’s easy to recognise and follow their trips. Should I have some style and should I have some followers? What if people will give some bad comments about my media, my writings and my videos? Should I change things accordingly and try to get as much as possible the audience? Certainly, I can’t have huge success. I am not going to create living out of vlogging. I am not going to be big in this scene. There are other (younger) people for doing that, they are eager to have an audience and to get some money out of that. They go round the world trips. Not me.

Well, for the next trip I should be prepared to take shots, drone footages and selfies. I should use the voice recorder and microphone in my helmet to tell my sightings and feelings during riding. I have to record content in order to create the content to my blog.

But there is no need to prepare yourself for a motorcycle accident or get a motorcycle accident lawyer yet. Of course, accidents happen and you should have at least insurance which covers basics.

Has anyone gone through this kind of thinking? Share me your thoughts.

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